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Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 reasons why Chromebooks will be a huge success

As June 15th nears, the folks at Google must be busy biting their nails off. This is the big G’s first step into the world of operating systems, and they want everything to go just right. With the release of Chromebook, they will be competing with 3 operating systems which have been around for a very long time. Whether Google will manage to topple them or not, only time can tell; however, there are a few reasons that this might work out pretty well for them. Here are ten such reasons why Chromebooks will be a huge hit.

Backing from vendors: One reason Ubuntu has failed (uptil now) to give Microsoft a tough time is that it lacks backing from enough vendors. We can blame Microsoft some other time for that, but for now, having good vendor support is a must for a new Operating System. And luckily enough, as with Android, Chrome OS has a good backing from reputed companies like Acer, Samsung, Toshiba and Dell. Having such a big backing is definitely a huge head start for Google Chrome OS, no matter what happens afterwards.

Faster bootup times: For people who are always on the run, nothing is more annoying than a device that boots really slow. Windows and Macs, despite being so popular haven’t been able to make any significant leaps in this area. Google Chrome OS on the other hand, boots in almost 10 seconds; which, to the less tech-savvy sounds like a huge miracle in computing. And considering a major chunk of the computing userbase is a guy/girl who doesn’t know what a browser is, Chromebooks might be just what they need.

Another option for frustrated Windows users: Viruses, fragmentation, malware, crapware, bloating, BSODs, Windows has got it all. Chromebooks on the other hand, don’t happen to suffer from all these problems. It is a novel device that gets rid of the vulnerable middle man, that Microsoft has been making money off of for years. Now, there’s a big debate whether this is a good move or a bad one, and honestly, only time will tell whether it will work as Google envisions it to.

Apps galore: The lack of cross-platform applications is one major reason Windows users haven’t switched to Linux yet. As of now, Chrome OS doesn’t include any major switch-worthy applications, but the amount of applications that have been added to the Webstore recently is making the naysayers take back their words. Also, among the apps that are essential for any desktop user, Google claims that it has them all. For office junkies, there is Google Docs as well as MS Office Live; for music lovers there is Google Music and for gamers there are popular games like Angry Birds. In other words, if you aren’t a stickler for feature-loaded desktop applications, Chromebook will be enough to get you through the day without calling tech support.

Android encore: When Apple announced the iPad, many tech enthusiasts derided the product. However, iPhone fanatics and Apple fanboys in general were going to buy the device no matter how it was. Android, like iPhone, has managed to gain quite a lot of popularity in a short time. For the Android and Google fanboys, Chromebook is a must-have device, no matter what the critics say.

Great secondary device: These days there has been a sort of buzz about secondary devices. Secondary devices like tablets and netbooks are not only convenient but also affordable for many people who already own a desktop or laptop. When it comes to choosing as to which secondary device is the best one, there are a lot of people who would prefer Chromebooks. The reason is Chromebooks are cheaper than the much coveted iPad. Moreover, they are easy on the pocket. The iPad does make a good secondary device; however, the heavy price point is a turn off for many.

Web addicts: If you spend your whole day in a web browser, Chromebook is something you should consider buying. Having the whole operating system wasted on a chronic web addict must have been a good motivation point for Google to come up with a product like this.

Cloudlust: Be it Apple, Microsoft or Canonical; everyone’s going crazy about the cloud. Google however, wants you to pack all your belongings and just move to the cloud right away. With almost every Google service including Music, Docs and Books running directly from the cloud, the big G expects to make big breakthroughs in this area with the release of Chromebooks. Moreover, Google offers some pretty cheap storage upgrades for normal Google accounts. For anyone who is itching to get a taste of the cloud life, Chromebooks are (hopefully) a perfect entry point.

Low price: Unless you are living in a mansion somewhere or are a fanatic Apple fanboy, price is probably the first thing you’ll see before buying any new product. And after looking at Chromebook’s price, many people won’t be disappointed. If you consider the wifi-only model Acer provides, 350 $ isn’t too costly when compared with the 16 GB Wifi-only iPad 2 which costs 500 $. So, if most of your usage happens at home or a coffee shop with wi-fi, Chromebook can be a great deal. As far as the 3G versions are concerned, they’re a bit on the costlier side.

Good Battery Life: The Samsung model boasts of a 8.5 hour battery life with continuous usage. Now, that can be quite useful for someone who travels a lot.

Conclusion: Despite having absolutely no experience in the field of operating systems, Chromebook promises to bring a completely new concept to the desktop users. Only time will tell whether they’ll be as successful as Google wants them to be.


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